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8-Week Customized Program Highlights:


Personalized Fitness Journey: Tailored to your unique goals, fitness level, and preferences.

Home or Gym Versatility: Whether you prefer working out at home or the gym, this program adapts to your environment.

Customized Macros: Receive precise macro and calorie guidance to align with your fat loss, muscle building, or recomp goals.

Program Flexibility: Your program is written to match your preferences and specific fitness objectives.

App-Based Access: Conveniently access your program via my user-friendly app, anytime, anywhere.

Progress Tracking: Stay on top of your fitness journey with built-in progress tracking features.

Recipe Database: Access a library of over 500 delicious and nutritious recipes to support your dietary needs.

Meal Tracking: Keep tabs on your meals effortlessly, making nutrition management a breeze. Access to sample meal guide based on your preferences.

Health Watch Integration: Connect your fitness watch to seamlessly monitor your progress.

On-Demand Workouts: Access a variety of on-demand workouts to complement your program.


How It Works:


  1. After selecting the 8-week customized program, simply complete your purchase.
  2. Within moments, you will receive a PDF guide via email. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the next steps and ensure you have all the information you need to get started.
  3. Follow the instructions provided in the guide to download my user-friendly app. This will be your fitness hub, where you'll access your customized program.
  4. Once I've received your questionnaire, I will get to work crafting your customized 8-week  program. *****Please note that I will need 48 hours to finalize your program, once I receive the questionnaire from you.


8 Week Customized Program

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